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This online virtual marriage summit is the first of its kind! With over 415+ years of combined marriage the speakers will cover a variety of topics important to married couples with a Christ-focused worldview. 


What You Can Expect to Learn 

How to cultivate a strong prayer life in your marriage.

How to keep Christ at the center of your marriage and family.

How to improve intimacy in your marriage (mental, physical, and spiritual).

Why you should be setting goals for your marriage (and what it's costing you not to).

How to move forward after a traumatic experience in your marriage.

Tips to help you communicate better with God and each other.

How to master your finances and stop having money fights.

How your marriage can survive after an affair.

...and so much more!

Fulfilling Your Vows™ Virtual Summit Speakers

Here are the featured speakers at this year's marriage summit.

(Hosts) Mike + Carlie

Fulfilling Your Vows™

Tricia Goyer

Author + Speaker

Tai + Talaat

His + Her Money

Communication + Marriage:

  1. Mike + Carlie Kercheval: How to Have Consecrated Conversations With God + Your Spouse
  2. Elisa Pulliam: The Personality Factor in Marriage
  3. Anita P. Stoudmire: How to Use Your Words to Encourage Your Spouse
  4. Chip + Halee Anthony: Home Defense - How Guarding Your Heart Protects Everything Else
  5. Ngina Otiende: How to Communicate With Your Spouse When You Have Different Communication Styles

Intimacy + Marriage

  1. Mike + Carlie Kercheval: How to Keep the Romance Alive When You’re Exhausted
  2. Matt + Rachael: How to Achieve Your Dreams by Pursuing Them as a Team
  3. Lisa Kimrey: How to Protect & Invest for Intimacy in Your Marriage
  4. Andre + Timberley Gray: Intimacy Begins Outside The Bedroom
  5. Mike + Carlie Kercheval: How Praying Together Will Skyrocket Intimacy in Marriage

Finances + Marriage

  1. Tai + Talaat McNeely: Financial Oneness in Marriage
  2. Jennifer Roskamp: Finances in the Christian Marriage
  3. Nicole + Sam Rule: How to find Joy in Managing Money TOGETHER!
  4. Jessi Fearon: Getting on the Same Page Financially with Your Spouse

Christ-Focused Marriage

  1. Abby Rike Rockenbaugh - Biblical Submission for the Strong-Willed Woman
  2. Deb Schroeder: Walking Through Life's Trials as a Married Couple
  3. Erika Dawson: How We Can Live the Gospel in Our Marriages
  4. Mike + Carlie Kercheval: How Scripture Memory Benefits Your Marriage
  5. David + Leslie Nunnery: The Most Overlooked Key To A Healthy Marriage
  6. Brittany Ann: Creating a Christ-Centered Marriage

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Marriage Restoration

  1. Jessica Allen: Healing the Past and Creating the Future
  2. Nannette Klein: Pornography - A Powerful Weapon in the Worship War
  3. Rebekah Hallberg: How to Move Forward After a Traumatic Experience in Marriage
  4. Cindy Henson: How God Can Restore a Messy Marriage
  5. Christy + Kevin Comstock - How to Save Your Marriage When You Can't Stand Your Spouse

Marriage + Parenting

  1. Trisha Goyer: How to Have a Strong, Christ-Focused Marriage While Raising a Large Family
  2. Lisa Yvonne: Making Time For Marriage When You Have Kids And A Life
  3. Danika Cooley: Two Top Goals in Marriage and Parenting
  4. Mike + Carlie Kercheval: 4 Reasons You Need to Be Setting Goals in Your Marriage + Family
  5. Quoc + Rosanna Nguyen: Keeping Christ First in Your Marriage + Family When Life is Hectic

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Absolutely! If you are serious about growing a Christ-focused marriage this summit is for you. You will learn lots of practical applications to take with you into your marriage that most people wish they had when they started out.

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