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26 Christian Marriage Experts. 30 Life-Changing Video Teachings.

This online virtual marriage summit is the first of its kind! With over 415+ years of combined marriage the speakers will cover a variety of topics important to married couples with a Christ-focused worldview. 


What You Can Expect to Learn 

How to cultivate a strong prayer life in your marriage.

How to keep Christ at the center of your marriage and family.

How to improve intimacy in your marriage (mental, physical, and spiritual).

Why you should be setting goals for your marriage (and what it's costing you not to).

How to move forward after a traumatic experience in your marriage.

Tips to help you communicate better with God and each other.

How to master your finances and stop having money fights.

How your marriage can survive after an affair.

...and so much more!

Fulfilling Your Vows™ Virtual Summit Speakers

Here are the featured speakers at this year's marriage summit.

(Hosts) Mike + Carlie

Fulfilling Your Vows™

Tricia Goyer

Author + Speaker

Tai + Talaat

His + Her Money

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